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ASIA Burma/Mynamar National Library of Myanmar, Yangon Size of Collection: (linked in) 17511 palm leaf books, as of 2015 Department of Religious Affairs (of the MORA of Myanmar/Burma gov)? Size of Collection: 9000? Universities’ Central Library Size of Collection:15,000 Myanmar manuscripts on palm-leaf Yangon University Library Size of Collection: Unclear

Cambodia The National Library of Cambodia Size of Collection: 710

China Godfrey Collection, Kashgar Size of Collection: Unclear

Tibet - Tibetan Palm Leaf Manuscript Institution Size of Collection: Unclear

Tibet - Potala Palace, Lhasa Size of Collection: Unclear but has a collection according to NP Tibet - Drepung Monastery, Tibet Size of Collection: Unclear

Tibet - Tibet Museum, Lhasa Size of Collection: Unclear but has a collection according to NP

Indonesia Bali - Singaraja - Gedong Kirtya

Bali - Udayana University Library

Bali - Dwijendra Foundation Library

Bali - The Pusat Dokumentasi Budaya Bali (Centre for Documentation of Balinese Culture) Bali - The Bali Museum Bali - The Balai Bahasa (Centre for Language)

Java – Garut Regency, Cirebon, and Cikadu, West Java, Indonesia Endangered Archives Programme Project Researcher: Mr Andrea Acri, Leiden University Size of Collection: 30 Java – Situs Kabuyutan Ciburuy Size of Collection: 27 Java – National Library of Indonesia Lombak – Madura –

India Andra Predesh – Gauthami Library Andra Predesh – Oriental Research Institute, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati Size of collection: 50,000? Andhra Pradesh - Andhra Pradesh Government Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Institute, Hyderabad Size of collection: 24,017 PLM and PM Andhra Pradesh - Museum in Hyderabad???? Bihar - Sri D. K. Jain Oriental Research Institute, Arrah Size of collection: 3,179 palm leaf manuscripts Bihar – The Khuda Baksh Oriental Public Library Size of Collection: unclear, <21,000 Himachal Pradesh - The Tibet Museum, Dharamshala Size of collection: Has manuscripts, likely has some PLMs. Karnataka Drepung Monasteries, India? Size of Collection:?

Karnataka - Institute Mysore Size of Collection: over 33,000 palm leaf manuscripts Karnataka Oriental Research Institute University of Mysore Size of Collection: 22,000 PLMs and PMs (paper manuscripts) Karnataka National Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research, Shravanabelagola Size of collection: 6,000- 15,000? Karnataka - Keladi Museum Size of Collection: 1000 PL in Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu, & 400 PLM in Tigalari script Kerala - Oriental Research Institute & Manuscripts Library (University of Kerala) Size of Collection: 40,000-65,000 Kerala - Chinmaya International Foundation Size of Collection: 200 Madhya Pradesh - Scindia Oriental Research Institute, Vikram University, Ujjain Size of Collection:18,000 Maharashtra - Anandashram Sansatha, Pune Size of collection: at least 400, possibly far more Maharashtra - Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune Size of Collection: 350 Odisha - Odisha State Musuem Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Size of Collection – 19,000?

Punjab – Visweshvarananda Biswabandhu Institute of Sanskrit and Indological Studies, Hoshiarpur Size of collection: < 2,685 Rajasthan - Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute, Jodhpur Unclear whether PLM or not Tamil Nadu - Saraswathi Mahal Library at Thanjavur

Tamil Nadu - The IAS Tamil Medical Manuscripts Collection Size of Collection: 750 palm-leaf manuscripts Tamil Nadu – Dr. U.V.S. Library Size of Collection: 2,200 and 850 paper manuscripts Tamil Nadu - Government Oriental Manuscript Library and Research Centre in Chennai Size of Collection: 50,180 palm leaf manuscripts Tamil Nadu - Caracuvati Makal Library Tamil Nadu - Tamil University - Has department for Palmleaf Manuscriptology Size of Collection: 8000 Tamil Nadu - Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya Library Size of Collection: 3000 Tamil Nadu – Tamil Heritage Foundation Size of Collection: may have a physical collection Tamil Nadu - Thanjai Big Temple, Thanjavur Tamil Nadu - École française d'Extrême-Orient, Pondicherry Library Size of Collection: 1600 West Bengal - Asiatic Society in Calcutta Size of Collection: 162 Burmese manuscript on palm leaf. West Bengal - The National Library of India Size of Collection:< 3600 West Bengal - Calcutta University Manuscripts Library, Kolkata Size of collection: 42,000 Uttar Pradesh – The Rampur Raza Library, Rampur Size of Collection: unclear

Laos National Library of Laos Size of Collection: 6,000 (physical) - possible other forms

Malaysia University Malaysia Size of collection:

Nepal National Archives of Nepal Size of Collection: 1084 rolled palmleaf manuscripts are held. Or 12,000. Unclear. The Lumbini International Research Institute Size of Collection: National Library of Nepal? Same as Durbar Library? Size of Collection: Tribhuvan University Central Library? Size of Collection Has a manuscript collection… The Asha Archives (aka Asha Saphukuthi?) Size of Collection:1176 palmleaf landgrant documents. Rolled. Kaiser Library, Kathmandu Size of Collection

Sri Lanka National Library of Sri Lanka Size of Collection: 345 manuscripts Sri Lanka National Museum also know as the Colombo Museum Size of Collection: Catalogue of PLM in the Library of the Colombo Museum

Palm Leaf Manuscript Study and Research Library University of Kelaniya Size of Collection: Sir Christopher Ondaatje Collection? Sri Lanka. Has a large personal collection including manuscripts

Thailand National Library of Thailand Size of Collection: 225,733 units in 30,742 titles The Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation Size of Collection: 5,000 manuscripts (all PLM?) Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre Size of Collection: at least 19 fascicles Wat Tha Muang, Roi Et Province Size of Collection: Wat Mahachai Museum, Maha Sarakham Province Size of Collection: Wat Khian Bang Kaeo Museum Size of Collection: Cultural Centre of Phatthalung Province, Satri Phatthalung School Size of Collection: Wat Lai Hin, Lampang Province Size of Collection: Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University Size of Collection: 17,257 fascicles and 220 roles of microfilms of PLMs Chiang Mai University Library Size of Collection: 1,063 Palm Leaf Manuscript Centre, Institute of Languages, Arts, and Culture, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Size of Collection: at least 3,284 Institute for Research in Culture and the Arts, Burapha University Size of Collection: Office of Arts and Culture, Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University Size of Collection: Institute for Southern Thai Studies, Thaksin University Size of Collection: Office of Arts and Culture, Songkhla Rajabhat University Size of Collection: Project for Palm Leaf Manuscript Preservation in Northeastern Thailand, Mahasarakham University Size of Collection: at least 40 fascicles and 1,882 pages of long PLMs Local Information and Archives, Office of Academic Services, Ubon Ratchathaini University Size of Collection: Wat Sung Men Size of Collection: over 1,700


NON ASIA Australia Monash University - Melbourne Australian Museum Size of Collection: < 10 Sri Lankan

Denmark The Royal Library of Denmark - Size of Collection: 401

France Bibliotheque Nationale de France

Germany Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz Berlin / Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Aka the Berlin State Library - Prussian Cultural Heritage Unclear, but they seem to have some

Netherlands Leiden University library in the Netherlands, Balinese works Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden Unsure exactly what they have, but they have at least one.

United Kingdom British Library,

   Over 4,000 sri lankan palm leafs
   30 in Loa palm leaf
   1,800 manuscripts from Burma. 
   450 manuscripts in Thai, Northern Thai, Lao, Khmer, and Pali languages.  
   Balinese (21)  

The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland The Society’s collection includes around 2,000 manuscripts John Rylands Library (Manchester), Pali MS 82. Cambridge University Library Size of Collection: < 1000? Bodleian Library, Oxford At least 48 Sinhala PLMs, there’s a catalogue of them Wellcome Collection Sanskrit Chetham’s Library At least 1

United States Arizona - University of Arizona - 2 Size of Collection: 2 California - Asian Art Museum in San Francisco Size of Collection: One manuscript, 3 leaves? California - University of California, Berkeley Size of Collection:19 manuscripts California - San Jose State University - Size of Collection: 1+ California - Clark Library Size of Collection: 2 California - University of California Santa Barbara Size of Collection: 4 California – Norton Simon Museum Size of Collection: Seem to have a few. Connecticut - Yale University - Size of Collection: Unclear. Less than 200. Indiana – Purdue University Size of Collection: 1 Illinois - Northern Illinois University - Donn V. Hart Collection Language of PLs: Thai, Burmese, Pali, Lao Maine - Bates College Size of Collection: 5 Massachusetts - Brandeis University Special Collections Size of Collection: 2 Massachusetts - Harvard University Houghton Library : rare books and manuscripts, Harvard-Yenching Library: east Asia related Size of Collection: unclear Michigan - Michigan State University Misssouri - Univeristy of Missouri Size of Collection: 2 Language of PLs: Javanese Mississippi - University of Southern Mississippi - Size of Collection: 1 in Sam E. Woods Collection

New Hampshire – Dartmouth Size of Collection: unclear New Jersey - Princeton Size of Collection: 340 Indic manuscripts unclear how many are PLMs. New York - Cornell University, Rare and Manuscripts Collection, Kroch Library, Division of Asia Collections: [1]. New York - Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscript Library New York - NYPL Size of Collection: unclear New York - RIT Size of Collection: 1 New York - Metropolitan Museum of Art Size of Collection: at least 30 Pennsylvania – University of Penn Size of Collection: 100 Rhode Island - Brown University Size of Collection: 30 Washington DC - Library of Congress Language of PLs: Pali, Pali using Burmese script Washington DC - Smithsonian Size of Collection: Have some. If you search the collections, you find PLMs.